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cyberMIND Managed Office Technology Services™

In the current business climate, companies are under tremendous pressure to reduce technology and operating expenses and simultaneously deliver new and improved IT capabilities to the company and its customers. To deliver on these two seemingly contradictory mandates, many companies are looking to IT outsourcing.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing include:

cyberMIND’s Managed Office Technology Services provide a single point of contact for all Office Technology and Internet Technology ensures technology efficiency and effectiveness and provides business intelligence.

  • Single Point of Contact: You have only one number to remember for 24x7x365 technical and procedural support for all your IT issues and needs.
  • Single Source: Clients have just one number to call for all technology issues.
    cyberMIND resolves the issue or escalates to the appropriate service provider /vendor.
  • Quality Managements: With all support calls and escalations centralized, the performance of all links in the service chain (including cyberMIND itself) can be monitored and managed proactively, ensuring quality management. This also ensures that issues don’t fall through the cracks, or vendors cross-firing responsibility, leaving the client without adequate problem resolution.
  • Centralized Decision Support Data. The cyberMIND Managed Office Technology Service Center provides centralized, real-time data collection and analysis for all service delivery activities and providers. The data is available through real-time, Web-based access, and can be used for decision-making, strategic analysis, and identifying vendors with the best performance and service.

cyberMIND Information Technology is uniquely qualified to manage both your mission-critical projects and your routine IT processes. With exceptional depth in project management, software development and integration, and technical support delivery, cyberMIND can manage both the development and post-development phases of any technology initiative. cyberMIND also boasts a solid, robust technical infrastructure, including dedicated outsourcing facilities, to support both your applications and user community over the long term.

cyberMIND has been providing IT services and solutions to leading companies nationwide for since 1996, so you can rely on the fact that we will be there in the days ahead to support your needs. cyberMIND delivers not only quality service, but also exceptional value— we commit to cutting your IT budgets dramatically, and increased savings over time.

Our Managed Information Technology Services and Solutions include the following:

  • Information Technology Consulting and Implementation
  • Hardware and Software Sales, Service and Support
  • On-site/Off-site Hardware Service and Repair
  • Internet Hosting Management, Sales and Support
  • Internet Service Management Sales and Support
  • Helpdesk Management and Implementation
  • Policy Development (Internal and External)
  • Project Management and Co-ordination
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Application Development and Implementation
  • Asset Management
  • Network Management, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Security Management, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Performance Metrics Implementation and Management
  • Hardware/Software Vendor Management
  • Telecommunications Vendor Management

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A Few of the Benefits
Let us go to work for you

Technical Operations Center

  • Rapid Response
  • Certified Technicians
  • Published SLA and Escalation Process

24x7 Network Monitoring

  • Monitors Health of Network Devices
    and Line of Business Applications
  • Diagnoses problems before they occur
  • Immediately Alerts NOC Staff of critical issues for instant response

Vendor Management

  • Manages All Infrastructure/
    Line of Business Vendors
  • Recaptures Your Staff’s lost productivity
  • Allows you to run your business, not
    your Vendors


Let us go to work for you

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